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Fried Herb Squash! Plus Brussels Sprouts without the Bitter

This year I planted a garden. Hahahahahahahaha! *sniff* You've no idea how funny that is. I have planted actual food in the ground before. A few times. And usually what happens is I frantically scramble to pick all the tomatoes … Continue reading

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Overnight Caramel French Toast. And Spiced Nuts. :)

Hi all! I originally posted these recipes last year, but they are so frighteningly delicious that I decided to throw them at you again this year. Enjoy! Merry Christmas! Please don't get up. Just sit there and read this lovely … Continue reading

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Fudge Frosting. With and Without Sand.

Hello! Today we have a recipe and a lesson. Except not in that order. And sadly, no pictures. Mostly because I've been crazy-pants busy the past two weeks and my family has been eating a lot of Little Caesar's $5 … Continue reading

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Luscious Irish Soda Bread of Fabulosity

Faith and begorrah! How are ye, me wee Leprechauns? Today we learn to make Irish Soda Bread–with a twist. A lovely cardamom-y twist. Once ye taste it this way, ye'll never go back. And if ye've never been there, ye don't need … Continue reading

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