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Fried Herb Squash! Plus Brussels Sprouts without the Bitter

This year I planted a garden. Hahahahahahahaha! *sniff* You've no idea how funny that is. I have planted actual food in the ground before. A few times. And usually what happens is I frantically scramble to pick all the tomatoes … Continue reading

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Homey Pasta Shell Lasagna

It's snowing outside. And I am totally in the mood for a homey granny meal. Something that warms my cockles as well as my guts. Something that brings back happy childhood memories. I'll have to go find me some. NO, … Continue reading

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Fresh Tomato Soup

Today's recipe is perfect. It's easy, delicious, and uses up all those extra tomatoes you had to pull off the vines last night before the hard freeze. AND, you can make it in big batches and freeze it in little … Continue reading

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Lazy Lasagna. Seriously. No. I Mean It.

Hello, my dears. Yes. We are eating again at my house. Can you believe it? It's gotten so busy around this joint that I've had to resort to the simplest of meals. And while I never used to consider Lasagna … Continue reading

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Pistachio Pesto with Panache

Right. It's about time I started cooking again. My family thinks so, at least. Psh. What are they, hungry? Today I share with you a recipe so fine, so utterly beguiling that you will wonder why everyone doesn't eat it … Continue reading

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15 Minute Minestrone

Dear Cooking Cherubs, Today I offer an extremely easy, incredibly fast little meal for those nights when the day didn't go right and you don't have time to make the stinkin' filet mignon with beurre blanc et fromage de campagne … Continue reading

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