Me, before I started writing:

Me now:

Enough Said.

(So, I'm a little bit of a crazy-pants woman/wife/mom/writer/friend/singer/chauffeur/chef/connoisseur-of-movies/eater-of-chocolate/partaker-of-hormones/actress-when-I-can-find-time/learner-from-life. Don't I look happier now?)

All Right, Not Enough Said.

(I am fascinated by life, and fascinated by people. How do they see things? Why? What hidden talents do they possess? Where did they grow up and how did that influence them? What is the special good in them? My goal is to answer these questions. Either through talking with others–hopefully on this blog at some point–or remembering my own life's experiences. And then writing about it all and seeing what comes out.

I'm currently working on a Young Adult novel. Or a Middle Grade Novel. Or a Tween Novel. Frankly, it hasn't decided yet. I probably need to do that  whole talking-to-it-thing I mentioned above. Hopefully all of this will amount to something good. The world needs more good.)

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