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Overnight Crockpot Cereal

Hello Tired People Who Are Too Exhausted to Wake Up and Cook Breakfast! I am here to save you. I have found, and slightly modified, this lovely recipe for overnight crockpot cereal. Throw the ingredients into your slow cooker the … Continue reading

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Overnight Caramel French Toast. And Spiced Nuts. :)

Hi all! I originally posted these recipes last year, but they are so frighteningly delicious that I decided to throw them at you again this year. Enjoy! Merry Christmas! Please don't get up. Just sit there and read this lovely … Continue reading

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Famous Chocolate Chip Cookies of Fame

Dearests: I have ever been on the lookout for the perfect chocolate chip cookie recipe. Tollhouse cookies, bless them, always ALWAYS come out flat as pancakes and crisp like crackers for me. No idea why. And this will not do. … Continue reading

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Blueberry Salmon. Easy. Crazy. Delicious.

You guys. You GUYS! So, one day I had some blueberries on hand. And some salmon. And some grapefruit. And some chilies. And some pineapple. And some limes.  What to do? I searchified the internet, and found this lovely thing. It … Continue reading

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