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Crustless Quiche. Not Quicheless Crust.

Today we make Quiche. It is not pronounced "Qwitch," nor is it pronounced "Qweetchie." It is not even pronounced "That One Egg Thing That Real Men Don't Eat."  Mostly because Real Men DO eat it. Real Women, too. And children. … Continue reading

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Scotch Eggs Re-post from January 15, 2011

Hello, my dears. It's been a beautiful yet stressful week. Celebrating one life (my uncle) while worrying about another (my dad, in the hospital with V-tacs that they can't figure out. Except to call them V-tacs. Which by the way … Continue reading

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15 Minute Minestrone

Dear Cooking Cherubs, Today I offer an extremely easy, incredibly fast little meal for those nights when the day didn't go right and you don't have time to make the stinkin' filet mignon with beurre blanc et fromage de campagne … Continue reading

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Blueberry Salmon. Easy. Crazy. Delicious.

You guys. You GUYS! So, one day I had some blueberries on hand. And some salmon. And some grapefruit. And some chilies. And some pineapple. And some limes.  What to do? I searchified the internet, and found this lovely thing. It … Continue reading

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