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Lazy Lasagna. Seriously. No. I Mean It.

Hello, my dears. Yes. We are eating again at my house. Can you believe it? It's gotten so busy around this joint that I've had to resort to the simplest of meals. And while I never used to consider Lasagna … Continue reading

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Chocolate Chip Dork Cookies

The story of my life is that when I fail, i fail BIG. No wussy itty bitty stuff. Just gargantuan, hideously embarrassing, terminally mortifying horror.  Same is true of my cooking. I'm often quite good, and occasionally spectacular. But when … Continue reading

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Blueberry Salmon. Easy. Crazy. Delicious.

You guys. You GUYS! So, one day I had some blueberries on hand. And some salmon. And some grapefruit. And some chilies. And some pineapple. And some limes.  What to do? I searchified the internet, and found this lovely thing. It … Continue reading

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