Accidental Food Tip for the Day

Good food often happens by accident. Tollhouse cookies were born this way. So were Valo-Milk cups. Also Dr. Pepper – but only because the Doctor in whose honor it was invented had a bald-faced abhorrence for soda-jerks (which is what this kid was employed as), and a cutely named carbonated beverage was not going to win the kid the Doctor's daughter's hand.

But I digress. Or I would if I had been talking about anything particularly relevant to start with.

Today's accidental food tip involves the making of crispy cookies. If you are one of those cookie connoisseurs whose leanings are toward the crispy rather than the chewy, today's tip is for you: To attain the perfect crispness in your confection, simply accidentally combine the flour with the butter and sugar, instead of creaming the butter and the sugar first. This obliterates any chemical reaction between milk fat and cane crystals, rendering softness of crumb in your cookie obsolete, and bringing to the fore a certain assertiveness. In the form of brittleness. And crispness. And snappiness. It's quite delicious, really. Like a very thin biscotti.

And it's lovely dipped in milk.

There you have it.



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2 Responses to Accidental Food Tip for the Day

  1. Robin says:

    This is a a great tip! Thanks!

  2. No prob, Rob. I should note, however, that my desert air and altitude might contribute to this. No idea what your sea-level jello-air will do to it. If you try it, do let me know, yeah?

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