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Easy Red Beans and Rice

About a bazillion years ago I played Liza in Seven Brides for Seven Brothers at a little theater in West Yellowstone, Montana. My groom, Dan, was played by a dear friend who had spent a few years in Louisiana and LOVED … Continue reading

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Cherry Coffee Cake

Well, summer is winding to a close and I've still got cherries on my counter. I heart cherries. Life is a bowl of cherries. Sometimes life is a chair of bowlies. It just depends. If you've got extra cherries and … Continue reading

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Chicken Tortilla Soup-ahhhhhh

My sister calls this little soup an "Elixir." Doesn't that sound so much more edible and evocative than "Soup"? Chicken Tortilla Elixir. It brings love and prosperity to all who eat it. I know this to be true. For I … Continue reading

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Corrected Famous Choc. Chip. Cookies of Fame.

Um. Soooo. Do you remember that one time when I posted the recipe for Famous Chocolate Chip Cookies of Fame on here and I was totally surprised that I didn't get more comments on it because they are so Fabulous … Continue reading

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Lazy Lasagna. Seriously. No. I Mean It.

Hello, my dears. Yes. We are eating again at my house. Can you believe it? It's gotten so busy around this joint that I've had to resort to the simplest of meals. And while I never used to consider Lasagna … Continue reading

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Pistachio Pesto with Panache

Right. It's about time I started cooking again. My family thinks so, at least. Psh. What are they, hungry? Today I share with you a recipe so fine, so utterly beguiling that you will wonder why everyone doesn't eat it … Continue reading

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Green Chicken Sopa = Chicken Enchilada Casserole

Righte-o. Today we have a dish that will make your arteries slam shut. Listen: you can hear them now, in anticipation of eating this paean to pulchritudinous poultry provender. Or put another way, this awesome comfort food. Do not think … Continue reading

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Welsh Cakes – For Breakfast. Or Dinner. Or Snack.

Today we are going international. I got this recipe from a very cool Canadian friend who got it from her dad, who, I presume, got it from someone of Welsh descent. If it isn't actually Welsh, we can rest assured … Continue reading

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Accidental Food Tip for the Day

Good food often happens by accident. Tollhouse cookies were born this way. So were Valo-Milk cups. Also Dr. Pepper – but only because the Doctor in whose honor it was invented had a bald-faced abhorrence for soda-jerks (which is what … Continue reading

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Crustless Quiche. Not Quicheless Crust.

Today we make Quiche. It is not pronounced "Qwitch," nor is it pronounced "Qweetchie." It is not even pronounced "That One Egg Thing That Real Men Don't Eat."  Mostly because Real Men DO eat it. Real Women, too. And children. … Continue reading

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